Fast data transfer with internet connection for your forklift weighing scales

Did you know that there is a more efficient way to weigh incoming and outgoing loads? The forklift weighing scales produced by RAVAS are the perfect solution. They make it possible to collect all the data from the trucks in real-time to your Bluetooth device, so you can see immediately what the load weighs. Want to collect all the data in spreadsheets on your computer to send reports to your clients and your own administration? No problem! The forklift weighing scales can be connected to a WIFI connection to send and receive data wherever you want. Every truck includes our UniMobile software suite designed to connect with the scales and transfer the data in an easy and user-friendly way.

Save time during the loading process? Use forklift weighing scales

Benefit from an outstanding service at RAVAS. This specialist is the manufacturer and provider of weighing scales from the highest quality to weigh incoming and outgoing loads on the go. Every load that comes in and goes out needs to be checked on weight to prevent picking errors which takes the most time. Did you know that you can save a lot of time during this process? Choose forklift weighing scales made by RAVAS. Scale is integrated into the forklift, this means that there is no need for a fixed floor scale where you take the load to. With forklift weighing scales you weigh where you want, and when you want at all times.

Did you know that forklift weighing scales save a lot of space?

One of the most important tools in a warehouse is a weighing scale. It is important to ensure that you get what you ordered and that you maintain the quality of the goods that get out of your warehouse. Most of the time they are clunky, and your forklift drivers must drive to and from a fixed point within the warehouse. Use forklift weighing scales from RAVAS. These forklift trucks have built-in scales that show the exact weight accurate, and in just a couple of seconds. A fixed floor scale is no longer needed, so why don’t you use this space to expand your business? RAVAS is happy to help you find the best forklift truck scale for your warehouse, just contact them!