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Liebherr WS17800 best price in USA at

Wine lovers moving from Europe to the USA have to get used that there are just a few models of the Liebherr wine cabinets available. The ones that are used to the WTes 5872 are Lucky because the same model, just with a power difference, is sold as the Liebherr WS17800. In Europe and the USA is, this is the Liebherr flagship. Liebherr won the Reddot award with these cabinet….

The wine market in the USA is more or less the same as in Europe. But the advantage is that the wine is usually cheaper then in Europe. And most of the wines have to be imported. Also in the USA more and more people want to store there wines under perfect conditions. Therefor you need a wine cabinet, because a wine cellar becomes very rear. 

So a wine cabinet can bring the solution. A Liebherr wine cabinet helps to store the wines under wine cellar conditions and even better. The air in the wine cabinet is always filtered so the cork can’t absorb unwanted smells that can harm the taste of the wines. And then there is the humidity control. When you buy from Cavepromotor you are lucky that this company includes a hydrometer with the sales so you can measure the humidity inside the wine cabinet. When you buy the wine cabinet at Cavepromotor the wine experts will explain to you what is important and to do what. Wines are very sensitive when it comes to vibrations. When you transport you wine it is impossible to avoid vibrations, but before drinking your wine has to get rest. Especially the wines that you bought that have lay for a couple of years. These wines have to be in rest and not in motion. So having a wine cabinet that you also use for storing, you need to do something about environmental vibrations. These vibrations for example can be people walking around the wine cabinet, closing doors or traffic in the street. But what can you do to fix this issue? Just buy your wine cabinet at Cavepromotor. They have developed Vibrations Reductions Blocks. When installing your WS17800 the whole wine cabinet is put on the VRB’s. When loading the wine cabinet with wines you will see that the cabinet will sink into the blocks. This creates a shock absorbing effect. So when you open your wine after 10 years of laying you are very happy, because the wine will bring the expected taste and smell sensations!

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