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Meeting room Amsterdam, unique location

Meetings often take a lot of time for companies. Companies are therefore constantly looking for new ways to meet. But a simple solution for more efficient and effective meetings is not always obvious. This regularly creates new trends that are worth trying. 

A new trend is, for example, plank meetings. This means that you hold yourself up like a board on the floor and lean on your arms and feet. An intensive sports exercise, but by incorporating this into a meeting, it is kept as short as possible and long, often unnecessary, stories are omitted. Planking is a tough exercise, so this meeting is not reserved for everyone. If this is the case, meeting with the help of an hourglass might be the solution.

For this purpose, meeting with the help of an hourglass is an effective way in which the duration of a meeting is kept as short as possible. The hourglass shows the time how long you can meet in total or how much time you can spend on a specific topic. As the hourglass goes to the end, you will have a natural urge to get to the core. This way you avoid long endless meetings.

In addition, an external location contributes to the productivity of the participants. It is often suggested that the key to a successful meeting is an inspiring meeting location, but more importantly, having a location that fits well with the needs of your company. Here it is important to look at accessibility, equipment and professionalism. Of course you are looking for a conference room in Amsterdam that meets all your needs and the type of meeting. The equipment offered is also important here as it contributes to a good meeting when the right tools are used. The new acquisition that can arrange this for you is van der Valk hotel Amsterdam.

The boardrooms are equipped with the latest innovative tools to take your meeting to the next level. This makes the location the Amsterdam conference hotel. A perfect location in the capital for holding your meeting. With 11 different meeting rooms you can hold meetings in any way. Whether this is a board meeting, with an hourglass or the regular way, the Van der Valk Amsterdam sales team can go in various directions.