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Learn fluent Dutch with these tips

The best way to learn fluent Dutch is following any of the Dutch courses in Amsterdam. With any of these Dutch courses in Amsterdam you can learn fluent Dutch fast. But do you want to learn Dutch at home, or do you want to prepare yourself for a course? In this article we give you some tips to help you learn Dutch.


Create the right learning environment

To teach yourself another language and practice this, you need to create a great learning environment in your room or house. You can use sticky notes on things with the Dutch word on it. You can also make a wall with difficult grammar you don’t memorize easily. If you are visually oriented this is a great way to teach yourself a new language and practice with it.


Practice as much as you can

For language learning, consistency is the key. It’s better to study a language every for 15-30 minutes then learning 2-3 hours a day per week. If you study regularly you will see the first results after a week. This will give you extra motivation to keep on learning.


Track your progress

The best way to track your progress is to make every week or two a test. There are a lot of free websites where you can test yourself. When you do this on a regular base, you will know if you are improving or not. It could be that your grammar is very good, but you need to work on something like speaking. You can find this out by testing yourself regularly.


Enjoy the learning of a new language

The best way to keep motivated is to enjoy your study. The longer you study, the better the results will be. So, don’t give up! There are always manners to improve your speaking, writing or grammar by study more or longer. Ask for help if you are stuck and keep practicing. It will feel great if you finally understand someone who speaks the language you were studying.